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No.49 - Visibility is Viability

2018 Nov 07, 2018

October 2018 


"You’ve got to find a way to make people know you’re there”
For the last couple of months we have been busy working on the next phase of our plan to take our Business to the next level.
We started our Business here in Scotland in the spring of 2017 by launching our Business Bootcamps in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The run up to our first event in both Cities saw me carry out a personal Business Challenge (The Meet 1000 People in 8 Weeks Business Networking Challenge).
This was a very strategic plan which enabled me to meet enough people to make our first events a success. It enabled me to make an impact, and hopefully a lasting good impression on a significant number of people. The Challenge itself became a Story that people could take an interest in and follow as weeks went on. It made me memorable and helped others to pass on the word about what I was doing. It was a great PR tool.
Hot on the heels of our first event we began our Facebook Community (Ideas Into Action Collective) which gave us a place to build on the goodwill we had generated in the events and to give real value to our customers and potential customers.
Now, having made a great start at a local level with our on-the-ground Business it is the time for us to step up our Visibility and formally launch our programmes to a wider audience.
So, here we are. It’s been a hectic couple of months so far and it is only going to continue over the coming months as we move to increase our Visibility further.
The next three months will see us step up our efforts considerably. Today I am starting 90 Days of Massive Action - a Visibility Challenge!
This Challenge will see us increasing our regular advertising; increasing the number of channels where I broadcast and creating a new series of communication mechanisms to give more value.
Marketing is a fundamental pillar of every successful business. But when you get down to it it is often something that small business owners don’t know a lot about and often don’t really like.
What I have learned in my journey so far is that you have to get over your pre-conceptions; over come your self-limiting beliefs and focus on the end goal.
Put simply, being ‘great at what you do’ is not a guarantee of success if no one knows that you are there!
                  “It’s not who you know - It’s who knows You”
Reality is that businesses need to be able to use every means open to them including harnessing the power of Social Media.
They say that -
              People Buy From People They Know, Like and Trust
So, to build a scalable, sustainable brand you need to make sure that you have a Marketing Strategy that is focused on building all three of those areas.
Visibility is one of the most crucial aspects to your business’ success. You can’t afford to ignore it, or take it for granted. What ever marketing efforts you are making at the moment you need to think bigger and double your efforts.
How well do people know of your existence?
If you don’t appear in front of your ideal audience, they will end up choosing someone else with more visibility who provides the service you offer.
They say that 80% of a Business Owners time should be spent focusing on Marketing and PR... How do you spend your time?
The best way to increase your chances of gaining customers is to increase your business’ Visibility.
Are you up for the Challenge?
Until next week!

Karen x

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