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No.63 - Your Best Way To Kick-Start a Successful 2019 - Is To Start NOW - Don't Wait For 01 January!

2018 Dec 03, 2018
At this time of year lots of people ask me how they are going to be more successful in their Business in coming year.
My answer is always the same and is quite simple - START NOW!
We spend a lot of our lives waiting for 'Someday'.
'Someday I will do x;
Someday I will do y;
Someday I will do z’
December is often treated as a month where we 'wind down' from the year just gone.
We all joke about the fact that 'no real work will be done' in the last two weeks of the month. It's all Christmas parties and frantic shopping trips looking for the ideal gift for friends and loved ones.
I'm not saying that's wrong at all - you need to have the right balance in your life. But I am saying don't right-off the end of 2018 quite yet.
The truth is, all this waiting around is doing us, and our Business, no good at all.
We wait for the ‘perfect time’. We work; re-rework and over-work our Products, striving to get it 'just right' before we can release it to the World. And every year we consistently take our foot off the gas in December, waiting for the New Year to come around like a Knight in Shining Armour to make everything alright!
In reality there is no Knight in Shining Armour and 'Someday' is NOW!
My Dad always lived by The 5 P's: 'Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance!' and there is a lot to be said about doing the right preparation.
December is the perfect time to put some of the most important groundwork in to ensure that 2019 is your best year yet.
What we know from studying success it that it is not always the people with the very best product or service that are the most successful… it is the ones who do what others won’t do. The ones who go the extra mile. Who find the time and focus their efforts on the things that will really make a difference. Success is not just about ‘doing things right’ it’s about ‘doing the right things’!
So, if we are wise, we need to use this quiet(er) time - free from Networking; deadlines; meetings; phone calls and interruptions- to get ahead of the crowd and leave the competition standing.
December is a gift - it’s your ideal opportunity to review your progress and get back to basics - the ABCD’s of your Business.

A -

  • Attraction & Awareness - Be distinctive (USP / Brand / Messages / Lead Magnets
  • Avatar - Be on first name terms with your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Automation - Systems; Processes; Use the Tech; Outsource

B -

  • Business Owner Mindset - Stop thinking like a Self-Employed Person (Think Bigger)
  • Business Model - Stop trading your time for money
  • Be Visible - Be Bold; Be Memorable; Build Relationships

C -

  • Content - Fine tune your Unique Signature System (Products and Services)
  • Conversion - Understand your Customer Touch-Points (create your Sales Machine)
  • Cash-flow - Know your Money Map

D -

  • Delivery - Consistently deliver Experiences and Results (even before they pay you)
  • Distribution - Have multiple distribution channels
  • Doing the Right Things - Effective use of your Time and Energy - Focus!
So, this month we should major on the ABCD’s of our Business - how far would you have moved forward if you just put one hour a day into this during December? Imagine 31 hours spend working ‘ON’ your business instead of in it! That’s all it would take to go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - to ensure that you go into 2019 with your route map for Success and a razor sharp FOCUS on what’s most important!
Until next week,


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