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No.66 - You Are The Answer

2018 Dec 10, 2018
There are three types of people in the World:
"Those that MAKE things happen;
Those that WATCH things happen;
Over the last 36 years I have developed a reputation of being a ‘Fixer’ - the go to person to 'get stuff done’. Making things happen is ‘my thing’!
Last week I spent time working with my Clients on getting a head start for 2019 by getting to grips with the basics in their Business and acknowledging that to be successful at anything (in life or Business) you need to go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.
All too often people come to me for help with their Business at the point when they have followed numerous other routes, searching for the ’THE answer’. The thing that is going to make all the difference.
We live in a World where our emails and Social Media feeds are packed with people offering us ’Silver Bullet’ solutions to solve all of our problems. When you really want to make your Business work it’s so easy to get drawn in to all the hype, and get blown from one potential solution to another.
What my years in Business have taught me is that there are no one size fits all, ’Silver Bullet’ solutions. In reality if you are looking for the answer, you need look no further than the mirror!
At the age of 19, almost over night, with the separation of my parents, I found myself homeless and with no means of income. This had the potential to be a thing that could blight my life, but actually (once the initial shock had subsided) it became the thing that helped me to realise that there is nothing that you cannot overcome if you put your mind to it. So, instead it became the thing that made me. The thing that helped to shape my attitude to all obstacles that come my way.
It was some 23 years later, after the death of my Father, that I found this quote at the top of a pile of affirmations on my Dad’s little table in the lounge:
"I have the power to overcome any obstacle that comes my way,
and make my life what I want it to be"
You see, ultimately it is down to each one of us to work out ‘Our Answer’. Others may be there along the way to further our knowledge and cheer us on, but only You can put the pieces together to form your picture of success.
So, you need to set a compelling Vision; plot Your course and steer Your way towards success. But if I was to share with you just three things to focus on to ensure that you Make Things Happen they would be:

1 - Belief

  • Believe in yourself - If there ever was a ’silver bullet’ it would be this!
  • Recognise your unique strengths and play to them fully.
  • Believe in what you are doing; and
  • Believe that YOU CAN DO THIS!

2 - Community

  • Find your Community(s) - the places you can go to to wind down (in person and on line)
  • Find your Mentors and Coaches - the people who are ahead of you on your journey and can light your way, stretch you and hold you to Account
  • Find the Leaders that you need to follow - your Hero’s
  • Find your peers - the people who can share your journey
  • Find your Followers - the people who need you to help them on their journey

3 - Ownership

  • Ideas and good intentions will only get you so far - but the truth is, the key to making things happen, is “Taking Ownership“
  • Until You take Ownership, nothing will ever happen
  • The critical point to making things happen is “stepping up”
  • Commit to your Decisions
  • Be Consistent in taking Action
  • When you take Ownership you can to begin formalise your journey, organise your efforts and hold yourself to Account!
Everyone has great ideas - but Ownership is the key to making things happen! So this week ask yourself:
  • What do you want to happen and why?
  • What would it take to make that happen?
  • What excuses are you thinking of right now for why you can’t possibly do this?
And most importantly:
  • How can you Step-up and take Ownership today?
Until next week!


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