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No.68 - What Is Your Theme For 2019?

2018 Dec 17, 2018
‘Keep Your Focus Laser-Locked On What You Want To Create In Your Life'
So here we are into the last few working days of 2018, about to enter the season of resolutions and great expectations for the year ahead.
I’m sure that none of you will be surprised to hear that Kate and I have very big plans for 2019!
I don’t know if we are alone in this, but neither of us are big believers in New Years resolutions. Generally they seem to offer so many opportunities for disappointment!
So, rather than setting individual unrelated resolutions at this time of year, over recent years we have taken to giving each year a Title, or Theme – rather like a Mission Statement for the year.
We choose something which is aligned to our overall goals in life, and business, to keep us on the straight and narrow through the year and help us to co-ordinate our efforts to best effect.
For instance 2015 was our ‘Year to Make Things Happen’ (buying our house here in Scotland was one of the biggest things we ‘made happen'); 2016 was our ‘Year of Saying YES’ (to anything that would help us get to live and work in Scotland full time): 2017 was a year of ‘Foundations & Fixes’ (laying a firm foundation to our new business here); and 2018 has been the year of ‘Good To Great’ (perfecting our products and services to make them the best they can be).
So, as we end 2018 we have set our Theme for 2019 - ‘Laser Focus’.
Our successful Business here in Scotland is now 18 months old and it is time for us to ‘Focus’ our efforts to ensure that we make 2019 the year that we scale to deliver our overall aim of creating a consistently high 6-figure business.
I believe that a successful business is the average business with laser-like FOCUS!

Doing The Right Things

Doing the right things is the key to success in 2019.
Over the last couple of years we have been on an enormous learning curve and as we enter 2019 it is now time to build upon those lessons and make sure that we maximise our capacity and focus on consistently doing the things that will have the biggest impact to help us grow further, faster.
We have committed that our Focus will be on three core areas of activity:
  1. Standing Out
  2. Leverage
  3. Resilience
1 - Standing Out - Is all about continuing to maximise our visibility. Making sure that people are aware of our products and services; and that we take every available opportunity to tell people about what we do. But equally it is about making sure that the products and services that we offer are the very best in their category. We want our services to be ’the best’ they can possibly be. We want to deliver our clients be best results and experience!
2 - Leverage - Leveraging our efforts will be vital to helping us to scale our business in 2019. We will focus our attention on creating products that are assets. Throughout our first 18 months we have gradually introduced systems and processes to help us run our Business. We utilise numerous software programmes and Apps and this will increase as we move through 2019, as will our use of outsourcing to external experts to help us increase our organisational capacity.
3 - Resilience - As we enter the year with the greatest uncertainty ever for Business within the UK (the impact of Brexit is completely unclear) we need to make sure that our Business has strong foundations. I have talked over recent weeks about building a strong core and focussing in on the basics. Financial resilience will be an important factor to us all. This is the year to create not only a reliable recurrent income but also to set aside a resilience fund in our business (to help us future proof and reinvest in our future growth).
Resilience also refers to our personal resilience. Every successful Business needs the people at the helm to be fit, healthy and happy and 2019 will see us focusing on putting our health and fitness front and centre. The year ahead will require us to be at our very best. By having these clear areas of focus and our over-arching theme for the year making decisions on a daily, weekly, monthly basis will be so much easier. If the opportunities that arise through the year can help us deliver our ‘big goal’ then we will do taken them; but if they do not then we will not! Likewise we will take the opportunity in the first month of the year to review our daily activities and measure them against this same yard-stick. If they align to our theme for the year and can contribute to our success we will continue to to do them; it not we will stop doing them.
How are you going to focus your efforts in 2019?
I’ve heard it said that to be successful in Business you should:
'Never major in minor things’
How you spend your time and what you focus on are so important. So, do you know what are the things you need to 'major in’ in 2019 to help you achieve your goals?
Until next time,


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