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No.69 - What Are You Going To Attract In 2019?

2018 Dec 31, 2018
"What you think, you Become.
What you feel, you Attract.
What you imagine, you Create”
So, as we set sail this week into a whole new year, the season of Visioning, goal setting and planning, I start to think about what I want to Attract in my life and business in 2019.
As you know, I’m a practical, problem solving type - so you may be surprised to hear me talking about the ‘Law of Attraction’.
But those of you that have followed me for a while will recollect that 2016 was our ‘Year of Saying YES’ - which was completely grounded on the notion of Attraction. Being ready and waiting to spot the opportunities that would help us to move to Scotland full time. By August it had worked and we were here!
Truth is, I’m a Pragmatist, and I know that sometimes there are things that we can’t explain but that we know work. We don’t always have to understand everything to benefit from it.
It was quite a few years ago now that I first heard the expression: ‘you are what you focus on most’ and I do believe that to be true. Like many of you, I have experienced that thing that happens to you when you start to think about buying a red car - suddenly the world is full of red cars.
So, I started to read up about it and explore the truth behind it further. That lead me explore all things ‘Mindset’. A fundamental pillar of any successful person is their Mindset.
And so I ask you:
What are you going to Attract in 2019?
It really is up to you!
What are you going to Focus on in 2019 to attract what you want?
But I would also add:
What do you have to DO; BE and HAVE to make it happen?
You see just ‘wishing’ something to happen will not make it happen. Just like when you make a ‘Blue-tooth’ connection you have to be open to incoming links to make the connections. 
Sometimes you have to step into a certain role; a level of stature to manifest it in reality. It’s not really ‘fake it ’till you make it’ - it's more that you have to 'model it’ to make it happen.
‘You attract what you are, not what you want.
If you want great, then be Great!'
So, what do you have to DO to make your dreams / vision come true?
What type of person will you have to BE?
What will you have to HAVE in your life to be ready to manifest your Vision?
Until next week!
Happy New Year Everyone!
Karen x


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