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No.70 - No Clarity - No Goals; No Goals - No Change; No Change - No Growth

2019 Jan 07, 2019
As we start of a week of Goal-Setting in the Ideas Into Action Business Club I am looking forward to working with over 50 Business Owners for a full day to think through and set out their plans for the year ahead.
This is an exercise that I encourage all the Business Owners that I Coach to invest time in at the start of each year.
As usual I have pulled together a systemic process for them to follow that guides them, step by step, through the vital stages; from understanding where they are currently; detailing what they want ‘More of’ and ‘Less of’; identifying their BIG Goal for the year ahead; through to reverse engineering the actions they will need to take to get there. At each stage there are templates and tools to ensure that no detail is lost; and plans and trackers to help them keep on the straight and narrow.
There is lots of evidence to prove that people who set out their goals in written plans are far more likely to achieve their goals; and a Harvard study carried out between 1979-1989 shows that they earn, on average, 10 times more than people who don’t. So, I’m a big fan of goal-setting!
The initial process will take a significant amount of time to work through; then seeing those plans through to fruition will take considerable commitment, consistency and determination.
This is the point when the difficulties can often start. As a small business owner it takes huge amount of courage and determination to even start a business in the first place and then to work, year on year, to scale that business. It’s no easy ride.
For most of us we have moved heaven and earth to get where we are. So why then do some people falter when it comes to sticking to their plans and delivering the goals that they have set for themselves?
Well, one of the biggest problems that can commonly make people falter is one of ‘running out of steam’. This can most obviously be fuelled by the sheer amount of things that small business owners find themselves doing in a typical week. The average start-up business owner finds themselves carrying out up to 15 roles in their business, before you start to think about doing the actually thing you started your business to do!
But that’s the same for everyone. So, why do some people keep powering through their plans, delivering their goals, year on year, when others don’t?
Well, what I have found is that often the problem is actually rooted at the very start of the goal setting and planning process, rather than in the delivery phase.
You see, by far the biggest ingredient that helps you to deliver your goals and stick to your plans is an absolute sense of not accepting failure - from yourself or those around you. Whether you call it ‘drive’; ‘obsession’ or just ‘sheer (bloody-minded) determination(!), it is a common factor displayed by those that succeed.
That ‘drive’ or ‘obsession’ starts with an absolute clarity of purpose.
Understanding your ‘WHY’; developing a clear Mission and a Vision of what success would look, and feel, like are the fundamental building blocks of success - no matter who you are or whatever your dream. Vision Boarding; visualisation and ‘acting as if’, help to strengthen your Clarity and build a really conscious, and sub-conscious, imperative for you to succeed.
By developing this level of understanding about what you really want and why you absolutely HAVE TO SUCCEED, you will set more congruent and meaningful goals. You describe your journey and all of its stages in vibrant colour, and to such a compelling level of detail that it will fuel you through the toughest of times.
“No Clarity - No Goals; No Goals - No Change; No Change - No Growth”
It all starts with getting really Clear!
All success radiates out from that initial Clarity.
So, if you too are embarking on setting your Goals and drawing up your Plans for the year a head over the next couple of weeks, these are my tips to help you to set yourself up for success:
  1. Visualise what success will look and feel like for you
  2. Be super clear and very specific
  3. Allow yourself to become ‘obsessed'
  4. Set compelling, meaningful Goals
  5. Get excited - ‘act as if'
  6. Have a Plan (and hold it lightly) be open to opportunity
  7. Take Massive Action (do more than the average person would do)
  8. Start Now - don’t wait!
Let’s get out there and take 2019 by storm!
Until next time!
Karen x


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