No.73 - Believe In Yourself

2019 Jan 23, 2019

On Monday I wrote about how to survive the nagging self-doubt that so many of us struggle with. 

In my work with my Business Coaching Clients I often find that this is the first work that we have to do together - in order to get them as individuals to value themselves and heir unique skills and talents. 

Last week I was down in England working with groups of Senior Managers to help them to build their strongest Teams to deliver what are some challenging Goals in 2019. 

This has been part of what I have done for many, many years, in order to drive forward the massive Change Programmes that I have led. Unlike many companies that come in to work along-side these Teams I have a very different approach to helping them to achieve their goals and move forward.

Whether I am working with a one-person Business or a multi-million pound organisation I begin with the notion of 'working with strengths'. Every individual in the Team has a role to play and has unique qualities and strengths to play in.

I know that the best Teams understand, with certainty, that when everyone in the Team is supported and encouraged to play to their Strengths 'the sum of the parts becomes greater than the individuals'. It is only by focusing on our individual (and collective) strengths that we (our Business, or our Organisation) can reach our true potential. 

This is not always the easiest of paths to walk. But whether you are a one-man-band, or a player in a much larger organisation, all success starts at the same place - IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU! 

Your confidence in yourself sets the tone for the confidence that others can show in you. 

Here is a short very video from Bob Proctor - a world renowned proponent of instilling  the mental foundations of success and the motivation in order to achieve,

Bob Proctor Video


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