No.74 - Hold The Line & Keep Moving Forward!

2019 Jan 28, 2019
When I’m Coaching I often get asked how I appear to keep just powering forward all the while, even when unexpected things happen or things go wrong. I know for new Business Owners (and sometimes for longer term Business Owners) it can sometimes seem like a hard slog to keep going.
It’s true that since arriving here to live full time in Scotland, in August 2016, there really has been no rest. We’ve not taken a holiday and we have just kept going. We started out Business in the spring of 2017 and are still working hard everyday to build our Brand and broaden our reach. But neither of us ever expected anything different. Making such a big move was never likely to be a walk in the park!
To be honest exactly what keeps me going isn't something that I have ever had to think about until I started to get asked! It has just been how I do things. Now, helping others to move forward day by day, week on week, month on month I have had to analyse what drives me more closely to understand the things that might be useful to others. 
So, aside from a good dose of just sheer bloody-mindedness, I think my ability to keep going, even through the most difficult of times comes down to a mix of these five things: 
1 - A Very Clear Vision
Long before we found this beautiful part of the Country Kate and I began to imagine a life for ourselves; working together and living in a small town (next to a cosmopolitan City) by the Sea. 
Over the years we have continued to fine tune our Vision as specific elements fell into place. We have a rich, compelling Vision for where we are heading.  
2 - The Strongest Of Why’s
By the time we started our new Business in 2017 we had already made our lives very difficult by moving 5 hours away from my nearest contract. After having an extremely successful, high earning business in England for many years we knew that the transition had to be done in the fastest possible time in order to maintain our level of income.
By the time we started here we knew exactly what our Business would be and our ‘Why’ was no longer just about us, but it was also about the people that we knew that we could help. 
3 - Realistic Expectations 
Both Kate and I are from normal working class families. We’ve both grown up having no fear of rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Even as a Director and Chief Executive in the NHS I led from the front. 
When we embarked on building our life and business here we had done the ground work. We knew what we needed to do and that it would be both the hardest thing we’d ever done and the most rewarding. 
Without doubt these three things have combined to help to keep us on track and to carry us through the hardest times. 
But having thought about this long and hard, there is one other thing that underpins all of this. 
4 - Mindset
Since I was 19 and found myself homeless; living in my van on a car park, making arts and crafts to sell at local markets, I have known that I have been able to rely completely on one thing - myself. I know that no matter what I come up against I can completely rely on ME! 
Looking back, my will-power and determination have been grounded in a firm mantra of ‘Hold The Line’. My mindset is firmly set to never even consider ‘going backwards’. No matter what occurs on route to achieving my Vision my default position and way of framing my next steps is always ’no going back’. I consistently ask myself what to I need to do to keep on moving forward.  
On occasions, as I look back now, I can see how I have made a side step in order to get back on track with my journey to delivering my goals and achieving my Vision. But whatever to knock me off course I simply assess where I am now, analyse what that means and then quickly re-frame and keep moving forward. Going backwards is never in my mind. 
I just ‘Hold The Line’ and do what is necessary to move forward again. 
Mindset is so important to all of us and for me I realise that 'Hold The Line' - is my mantra, my mindset and has become a way of life. 
Until next week, to quote one of my Coachees (you know who you are!) 'Onwards'!! 
Have a great week and keep moving forwards! 
Karen x 


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