No.76 - Are You Taking Responsibility Or Are You A Spectator?

2019 Feb 13, 2019
We’ve just introduced a new feature over in the Business Club which builds on our regular weekly Accountability feature. Every Monday our Members come on and tell us what they absolutely must get done that week. We now check-in with people individually during the week to see how they’re doing and whether they need any help from us. Not everyone needs it every week, but hopefully it will make a difference to whether they get to tick things off their ‘to do’ list.
It’s made me really think about accountability this week. The research shows that if you tell someone about your targets / goals you’re 65% more likely to be successful in delivering them. When you add in the magic ingredient of putting in agreed ‘check-in’ points that success rate increases to 97%!
So, there are lots of tricks and tips we can all deploy to help us to be accountable and deliver our goals… but what happens when things start to go awry; when things don’t go according to plan and look as if they may fall apart?
Of course, if you have a Mentor, a Coach, or a colleague who you can call on to help out that’s great.
But they can’t be with you all the while can they? So, what is it that is going to make the difference for you at times like this?
Spectator Syndrome
For many people when things begin to slip from the anticipated path I can visibly see them withdraw into a weird sort of ’Spectator mode’ - watching from the side-lines almost, as their plans begin to drift.
The inertia that this leads to only goes to increase the stress and pressure that they are feeling.
At its worst, it’s at times like these that our old friends, ‘self-doubt’ and ‘imposter syndrome’, see an opportunity to sneak in with phrases like: “I knew it wasn’t going to work for me” start play in your head and help to build a self-fulfilling prophecy!
Sound familiar?
So, given that you can’t have your Coach by your side every minute of every day, and things will inevitably from time to time go wrong, what can you do to ensure against succumbing to the perils of ’Spectator Syndrome’?
Well, for me it’s about these three things:
1 - Know Yourself
Understanding how you naturally react to things is really vital in business. I always get my Coachees to think about where they naturally ‘live’ in the ‘Circles of Control’.
The Circles of Control have at their centre ’The Comfort (or Control) Zone. This is surrounded by ’The Stretch Zone’ and finally this is encircled by ’The PANIC Zone’!
You see, each one of us has a natural resting place somewhere on this diagram and you need to be completely aware of where yours is.
When the unexpected road blocks; the failures occur, you may experience that feeling of overwhelm.
Understanding this allows you to recognise when you hit the edge of the Panic Zone just how far and how quickly you will pass through the Stretch Zone on your way back into the Comfort and Control Zone!
Most importantly, it will take you to assess; reframe and regain your confidence to get back on with your Mission.
2 - Respond Don’t Just React
When you reconcile yourself to the fact that these set-backs are inevitable you can then begin to formulate a measured response. You see, rushing back to the Comfort Zone is a sign that you are just ‘Reacting’ - having a knee-jerk reaction - rather than making a strategic response as a Business Owner would.
Train yourself to know how you react, and learn to take your time.
Build in some short period of thinking time to get your breath, and then pick yourself up as quickly as possible with a well thought through response.
No matter how unexpected, difficult or devastating the situation you find yourself in, you need to regroup and reconnect and come back fighting!
3 - Take Ownership - Be Personally Responsible
For me, the vital ingredient, and what really makes the difference, is the impact our own mindset has on whether we fully accept personal accountability for what happens in our businesses or not.
When you really take ownership of your Business, and everything that happens in it, then when things go wrong, or take you off in a strange direction, you will ALWAYS find your way back.
No excuses; No wallowing in self-pity; No dragging it out.
Personal Accountability and Responsibility are the thing that will not only get you through, and survive, they will lift you higher so you can thrive!!
So, do you know where you ‘live’ in the Circles of Control?
Do you have a strategy in place to help you to respond intelligently rather than react emotionally?
Are you taking Responsibility, for the good and the bad that happens along your journey?
Until next week,


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