No.77 - What Do You Need To 'Buff-Up' In Your Business?

2019 Feb 24, 2019
This week I want to set you a challenge and I’d like you to give me some feedback over the week about the impact this Blog has on you.
This week I want you all to take a good look at your business and be honest with yourself.
What I want you to notice is ‘what areas of your business do you need to buff up or tune in.’
Let me explain.
I’ll use a couple of analogies to help explain my point.
1 - If you want to make an impact always pay attention to shiny surfaces.
(I know I’m the first one to tell you to stop paying attention to shiny objects(!), but bear with me). When you walk into a restaurant or a hotel or even your front room, its my belief that if all the light reflective surfaces have been made to sparkle, then the whole room is immediately elevated. Everything looks better; better quality, more desirable, more inviting. When dust is allowed to settle the whole mood of the room changes. It suddenly looks uncared for. Even if it’s furnished with expensive items, the dust dulls the experience.
2 - Do you remember the old days when you had to tune in your sound system?
As a muso, (I’ve been in Bands for over 35 years), playing with sound levels prior to going on stage was an integral part of delivering a great gig. Once you arrive at a venue and you have set-up the most important job is always the sound-check. We’re looking at the size of the room; the height of the ceiling; the type of floor covering so that we can compensate in the mix to ensure we give our best possible sound.
Everything had to be balanced. If one level was out the whole sound was compromised. This exercise could make the difference between appearing to be boring and muddy sounding to be lively, bright and crisp sounding!
So, what’s my point?
Well, I’m often asked about pricing, and about what the secret is to charging premium rates. Usually people concentrate on ‘doing more,’ adding more features, offering bonuses, making everything ‘bigger.’ But what they overlook is the basic housekeeping.
  • What do you have in your business that needs ‘shining.’
  • Where can you add extra ‘sparkle.’
  • What’s looking dusty and unkempt?
Is it your website, your branding or your elevator pitch? Is it your customer service, your email sign off or your business cards?
One of my favourite books is ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins. He makes the point that ‘good is the enemy of great,’. By this he means that we need to be mindful of settling for good enough, of becoming complacency.
We need to keep looking at ALL aspects of our business with fresh eyes.
So, as you look at your Business this week, ask yourself:
What needs to sparkle?
Until next week!


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