No. 80 - Think BIGGER - Focus Your Efforts

2019 Oct 28, 2019
In my experience when most us start our first business our principal goal is to get paid for doing work that we love. We hustle to get our first offerings out there; we strive to find our first customers; we hone our skills and with luck we begin to earn a living.
But sometime later most people are struggling to grow their businesses beyond that point and to close the gap between where they are now and where they ‘really' want to be.
We find ourselves looking longingly at others with successful businesses, taking considerable time off; pursuing a variety of interests; having time to create great new products and services; and building talented Teams around them or outsourcing successfully to increase their potential to grow their businesses further. Many can’t understand why it isn’t happening for them too.
Running your own business is very different to being 'self-employed'. If you want to breakthrough the revenue ceiling with your business, to build more time off, and create a legacy with your work, you will need approach things very differently too.
It’s one of the things we hear from so many people attending their first Business Bootcamp - they arrive as people who are ‘trying to earn money doing the thing they love’ and they leave realising that they are ‘Business Owners’. For us this outcome is one to the best responses we can hear from attendees. We have done our job!
Our thinking creates our reality.
So, to grow your ‘Business’ you need to adopt the ‘Growth Mindset’ of a business owner, rather than the ‘Limited Mindset’ of self-employed person. You need to THINK BIGGER!
So, what do I mean by saying THINK BIGGER?
Well, we don’t mean simply create more and more things; ramp up the complexity.
We’ve all heard the phrase work ‘Smarter Not Harder’... it has become somewhat of a cliche. But it is real - and sometimes what you actually need to do is get a very clear picture of what success means or you and then SIMPLIFY TO MULTIPLY!


Ask yourself - What else is possible?

So, what is your Vision for your Business, if you look down the road five years from now what would your perfect Business look like?
  • Would you personally be working everyday? (For me I have never dreamed of ‘retiring’ from my Business, but for you that might be different)
  • Would you have people working in your Business, delivering to your own model?
  • How would you have scaled your Business - without falling in to overwhelm? (Will you create digital products? Have you got your own Intellectual Property (IP) to convert into a franchise model perhaps?)
Imagine a point in time, when you have achieved everything you want in your Business... now look back from today and describe the steps you will need to have taken to get you there.
If you find this question too difficult to answer use this series of questions to help you think things through:
1 - How satisfied are you with the progress of your Business? Be honest now.
2 - If you had a magic wand what would your Business look like?
3 - How could you make your Business more successful? (Look for the clues: What do you do well? Which things give you Confidence? When do you feel most Comfortable?)
4 - What drains you most in your Business? (Look for the clues: What makes you feel least Comfortable? What things do you try avoid doing the most?)


Seeing Around Your Blind Spots

Being so close to our Businesses and so invested in them means that it is often hard to look at things differently. We develop blind spots and can’t always see clearly.
What about if you looked at things with fresh eyes? What would you see?
Ask yourself:
1 - If you could start up your Business again from scratch, what would you keep and what would you change?
2 - What if you sold you Business tomorrow? What do you think the new owners would change first?
What can you learn from your answers to these questions?
This week think about where your Focus should be?
What should you be changing now in order to THINK BIGGER in your Business?
Until next week,
As ever,


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