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No.60 - You Are Closer Than You Think To Securing Your Next Customer

2018 Nov 19, 2018
Do you know how close you are to securing your next customer?
This is a subject I’ve been reflecting on a lot just recently. 
To be fair, it’s probably the top issue preoccupying most small Business Owners.
I’ve been rigorously reviewing our Customer Touch-points; as our Business Club membership steadily grows and as we approach our fastest-selling Bootcamp ever, it’s important that we understand, in detail, which interactions convert potential customers into paying customers so that we can rinse and repeat.
For me, Touch-points are ANY time a customer or a potential customer encounters your brand. This can mean absolutely everything; adverts, chats at networking events, promotional materials, your live events, social media content, Facebook groups, marketing copy, website experience, email nurture sequences, speaking gigs or other customers’ reviews.
Imagine an old-fashioned pin ball machine, as your potential customer comes into contact with your brand, they can bounce between one or more - or even multiple Touch-points - and you’re never absolutely sure which one will create the momentum required for your customer to complete their journey and make a purchase.
As a business coach – and new on the block – I’ve faced a tough battle to win the hearts and minds of my ideal customer.  Business coaches are very often the last thing small business owners think they need, and the coaching market is an incredibly crowded and noisy place. So, in my business I’ve purposefully created a series of unique and value-laden Touch-points that have helped my customers find me - like me and trust me - and live events have been an absolutely pivotal part of this strategy.
For me, live events give me an unprecedented opportunity to spend time with potential customers. They are a crucial Touch-point in my business. But only if I do several things right:
  • Fill them
  • Make sure my ideal customer is there
  • Deliver on my promise
  • Keep them in my world
So, I want you to take two things away from this blog:
  1. Have faith, your next customer (or even your first customer) is potentially only one Touch-point away from making a purchase.  Just one! I’m sure that if I could wave a magic wand and make visible all the customers who know you, like you and trust you and who are just on the cusp of purchasing from you, you would be amazed and reinvigorated.
  2. I want you to review what Touch-points you have in place in your business. Do you know what they are, where they are and exactly HOW they are helping your customer complete their journey and make a purchase with you? 
What more can you do to make each and every one of your Touch-points compelling?
Until next week,
If you run Events as one of your Touch-points, but struggle to fill them consistently; find yourself running them half full (or worse still having to cancel them at the last minute) I have something that is going to help you!
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