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A Year Of Saying YES!

A story of Life, Love and Business

No.67 - Sometimes You Have To Risk It All To Follow Your Dream

2018 Dec 17, 2018

[Written by Kate]


We’ve been reviewing the Master Your Mindset Module for our Unknown to Expert Accelerator Programme and it’s been making me reflect on my nephew Liam’s journey to become a Bellator MMA Light Heavyweight Champion.

Some of you’ll already know, because I’m a bit of a boastful Aunt, that my eldest nephew Liam is a professional MMA fighter.

He has a fight tonight in Hawaii, so he’s on my mind a lot.

He didn’t start fighting until he was in his late 20’s which was fairly late.

A little of his story is needed here to give some context.

Before Liam was fighting professionally, he was often fighting non-professionally.

He’s a big lad, he stands out in a crowd and he liked going out and having a good time. Other guys would egg each other on to pick a fight with him. If you leave him alone Liam wouldn’t hurt a fly, but if you go looking for a fight then you’ll get one. I hate violence, it makes me feel...

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No.66 - You Are The Answer

2018 Dec 10, 2018
There are three types of people in the World:
"Those that MAKE things happen;
Those that WATCH things happen;
Over the last 36 years I have developed a reputation of being a ‘Fixer’ - the go to person to 'get stuff done’. Making things happen is ‘my thing’!
Last week I spent time working with my Clients on getting a head start for 2019 by getting to grips with the basics in their Business and acknowledging that to be successful at anything (in life or Business) you need to go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.
All too often people come to me for help with their Business at the point when they have followed numerous other routes, searching for the ’THE answer’. The thing that is going to make all the difference.
We live in a World where our emails and Social Media feeds are packed with people offering us ’Silver Bullet’ solutions to solve all of our...
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No.65 - Why 2019 Should Be The Year You Create A Profitable Signature System

2018 Dec 08, 2018

“ For those of us who sell services, one of the difficulties with face is that we are selling the invisible.”


I’ve received messages from people asking whether the ‘Create Your Signature System Bootcamp’ on 13th December is right for them. So, I thought I would put up a quick post to help you decide.

I created this Bootcamp because I think I can help three different type of people:


1 - You’re a ‘struggling expert’

You’re great at what you do, you know you can help people but you’re just not recruiting enough clients to make a full-time living which means you’re probably in overwhelm and anxious about the future.

2 - You’re an ‘overstretched expert’

You’re making a good enough living but it’s taking you too much time to generate, so you’re in danger of burning out and of not finding the time to work ‘on’ your business to take it to the next level.

3 -...

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No.64 - Kate's Journey To Create A Signature System Facial

2018 Dec 07, 2018
(Kate McGeary - November 2018)

Kate's journey to create a Signature System Facial

In light of our upcoming Bootcamp, I thought I would share my experience of creating a Signature System from scratch. 

Disclaimer - A Signature System, in a nutshell, is the unique approach you use to help your clients solve their problems.
So, although this post is about putting together a facial treatment; the thinking, process and steps I took are broadly applicable across most service-based businesses (and is, in my opinion, especially applicable to coaches, trainers, therapists, freelancers or consultant). 

When I first qualified as a Beauty Therapist I knew I wanted to deliver a very special kind of treatment for my clients.

I'd experienced my fair share of facials in the past and I knew I didn't want to go down the route of buying into a specific brand and being trained to deliver their range of standard treatments (think Clarins, Elemis, Dermalogica). 

There's absolutely nothing...

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No.63 - Your Best Way To Kick-Start a Successful 2019 - Is To Start NOW - Don't Wait For 01 January!

2018 Dec 03, 2018
At this time of year lots of people ask me how they are going to be more successful in their Business in coming year.
My answer is always the same and is quite simple - START NOW!
We spend a lot of our lives waiting for 'Someday'.
'Someday I will do x;
Someday I will do y;
Someday I will do z’
December is often treated as a month where we 'wind down' from the year just gone.
We all joke about the fact that 'no real work will be done' in the last two weeks of the month. It's all Christmas parties and frantic shopping trips looking for the ideal gift for friends and loved ones.
I'm not saying that's wrong at all - you need to have the right balance in your life. But I am saying don't right-off the end of 2018 quite yet.
The truth is, all this waiting around is doing us, and our Business, no good at all.
We wait for the ‘perfect time’. We work; re-rework and over-work our Products, striving to get it 'just right' before we...
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No.62 - Are You Ready For Brexit

2018 Nov 29, 2018
Last week I was invited to speak on an Expert Panel at the Edinburgh Business Show. The subject we were focusing on was:
“Technology as a driver for growth for Edinburgh-based businesses in a post-Brexit world”
My preparation for this event saw me examine in detail my own reaction not just to the subjects of technology & business growth (in Edinburgh and beyond) - which I talk about very regularly, but also the dreaded B-word - ‘Brexit’.
Yesterday was yet another watershed day in our Brexit journey. One more step in the journey has been ticked off the list… so we continue to move ‘forward’ (depending on your personal view point).
I must admit that over the last two years since the Referendum I haven’t spent a great deal of time thinking about it. That may seem strange, as I am a Business Coach, but for me once the dice was cast and the result was in, it was clear that for some considerable time to come...
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No.61 - The 3 Killer Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Run A Live Event

2018 Nov 22, 2018
Sometimes the excitement of planning your first live event can run away with you.
It’s easy to get caught up with the more creative details; are you going to provide a workbook, what’s the best layout for the room, what are you going to cover in your content, what will your slide deck look like. This stuff’s always fun.
But, before you start to get carried away with the fun stuff, I want you to ask yourself 3 serious questions.

1) Why

‘Why run the event for your Business and Why run the event for your attendees?’

The most successful ones, and ultimately the ones that sell the most tickets, all have one thing in common. They know their Why.
They are super clear on their event goals and objectives. They know before they start, what they’re trying to accomplish.
They have clarity on whether the end-game for their event is to:
  • Generate leads
  • Make sales
  • Increase brand loyalty
Once you’ve defined your goals, focus on...
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No.60 - You Are Closer Than You Think To Securing Your Next Customer

2018 Nov 19, 2018
Do you know how close you are to securing your next customer?
This is a subject I’ve been reflecting on a lot just recently. 
To be fair, it’s probably the top issue preoccupying most small Business Owners.
I’ve been rigorously reviewing our Customer Touch-points; as our Business Club membership steadily grows and as we approach our fastest-selling Bootcamp ever, it’s important that we understand, in detail, which interactions convert potential customers into paying customers so that we can rinse and repeat.
For me, Touch-points are ANY time a customer or a potential customer encounters your brand. This can mean absolutely everything; adverts, chats at networking events, promotional materials, your live events, social media content, Facebook groups, marketing copy, website experience, email nurture sequences, speaking gigs or other customers’ reviews.
Imagine an old-fashioned pin ball machine, as your...
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No.59 - Why Just Creating A Brilliant Event Won't Sell Your Tickets!

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2018
[12 November 2018]
I’ve been performing on stages for about 40 years now. First as a member of a rock band, then as an NHS Chief Exec and freelance Management Consultant and now as a Business Coach and Mentor.
For the events before beginning my business here in Scotland, I didn’t have to worry about filling the room.
For our gigs, the audience largely turned up for the beer & the music and for the NHS events, well, the audience pretty much had to be there! But for my Events here, the buck stopped with me.
I knew I could create dynamic learning environments and I was confident in my ability to keep and hold an audience’s attention, but I’d never had to sell tickets to an event before.
Probably like a lot of you I figured that I just needed to get it onto Eventbrite, create some content, invest in a couple of Ads, and Bob’s your Uncle. And to be fair I did sell 1 ticket just days after placing my very first...
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No.58 - Excellence is not a Skill it’s an Attitude

2018 Nov 10, 2018

[June 2018]


For over 30 years I have had a business that has worked with Public Sector organisations. My work has been extremely rewarding and the organisations and individuals that I have worked with have been extra-ordinary. But over the years the culture within Public Sector organisations in England has changed drastically, and not always for the better.

I was reminded of this recently when talking to one of my students. We were talking about having a BIG VISION for our businesses and the conversation turned to the subject of focusing on our customers needs and ’striving for excellence’.

In many large organisations as the need for more governance, regulation and monitoring increased they began to introduce systems and processes and the focus of the whole organisation began to revolve around a need to hit their ‘compliance’ targets.

Whilst the regulations and monitoring were introduced for the best of reasons, the end result became that year on year...

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