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A Year Of Saying YES!

A story of Life, Love and Business

No.36 - Breaking Free From the Self-Employed Mindset

2018 Nov 07, 2018

April 2018


No one is going to be surprised to see me write that Mindset is really important for business owners.
We touched on Mindset in my Business Club back in January when we looked at our Self-limiting Beliefs and our Money Mindset two things which have a significant impact of your business success.
I know we have Members in the Business Club and in the Collective who have a very pro-active approach to Mindset matters and we have Members who teach Mindset techniques to others, providing inspirational events and trainings.
My personal take on Mindset in business is a little bit more prosaic than many may expect.
Don’t get me wrong, Mindset features in all of my Programmes, but I will always link working on your Mindset to the achievement of some very tangible outcomes.
I am not what you would call a 'theoretical Mindset Coach’. For me it is all about the application - so I consider myself to be an ...
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No.35 - The Many Roles of a Business Owner

2018 Nov 07, 2018

April 2018


As entrepreneurs and business owners we generally start our own businesses because we want to be self-determined and earn our living doing the thing that we love best.
Once we have embraced the idea that we could own our own business, we begin to think about what it is that we could do. Ultimately, picking the brightest of our ‘shiny ideas’ to move forward with.
At this stage we begin to do the maths to a level of detail that encourages us that this is ‘the one’ and then finally we may, if lucky, have some time and some money to invest in getting some basic ‘Start-up’ advice.
It is at this point that we may already be involving ourselves in what I call ‘just-in-Case-Learning’. Often this learning is focused on bolstering our skills and qualifications around our chosen subject - but not around our increasing our ‘business skills / acumen’.
Eventually, we break the cycle of...
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No.34 - Someday...

2018 Nov 07, 2018

March 2018


We have all heard ourselves saying this at one time or another:

'Someday I will travel the world; 
Someday I will write that book; 
Someday I will be my own boss...'

Whatever! Yeah 'someday'!

At my Bootcamps last year I had the privilege of working with a rooms full of super-bright local business people. People with established businesses; people with new ventures and people with ideas about what they want to do In order to take control of their lives.

Many people who attend my Bootcamps are searching for the tools and tips necessary to take them and their businesses to the next level; many are searching for a community of like-minded people to support them on their journey and many more are searching for the confidence to take their next steps into the unknown.

Whatever their reasons they all have one thing in common - they have decided to take action. To take action now!

They have bravely stepped out of their comfort zone in order to banish the word...

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No.33 - Look After Your Customers and Your Customers Will Look After You

2018 Nov 07, 2018

February 2018


Look after your Customer’s and your

Customer’s will look after You!


As a Business Growth Coach I often work with small business owners who are working every hour to keep their business going; striving to find more customers; to earn enough to pay the bills. Sometimes it feels like there is no end to the struggle and their ‘why’ for being in business is being sorely tested.

I meet people at networking meetings who are striving to take their next few steps forward, to reach that point where customers come to them, rather than this constant quest that they are currently on, and they ask me how they can change things.

My answer is always the same - Start at the beginning.

Remind yourself about your ‘Why’. Your ‘why’ for you and your ‘why’ for your Customer.

Are you doing what you should be doing?

Is your business rooted in helping you Customer to achieve their goals?

The truth is your Customer should...

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