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"Building a Tribe is the most profitable and sustainable thing you can do for your Business"










 Connection is a Stealth move! 

Building a business from the ground up is challenging, fun and full of learning. Learning about social media, understanding your market, perfecting your products and reaching out to your ideal customers using the right platforms and strategies. It’s a tricky thing to navigate and can feel overwhelming.

Building my business up here in Scotland where I knew absolutely no-one, I quickly realised that one of the most important things I needed to do to make my business successful was to build an engaged community, or 'Tribe' of like-minded people. It was absolutely the right move and I now firmly believe that 'tribe building' is the ONE thing every business owner needs to do to create a profitable AND sustainable business. I mean, who doesn't want a small army of loving fans, willing to market for them.

Seth Godin, one of the most astute marketers alive describes it like this: “A Tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” And if you really think about it, that’s a perfect foundation for your business.

One of the hardest things for business owners to do is to establish their place in the market and find the most effective way to get their products out to a waiting crowd. Creating a tribe is the best strategy for solving this challenge, whilst also saving you time, energy, money and effort.

Whether you are a solo business owner, or a small/medium company wanting to create interest in your products and services, it is absolutely possible to unite people around your brand and what you believe in. Tribes allow people to stand alongside you, and by leveraging the power of a thriving Tribe, it's possible to build your business with minimal advertising investment.

Having started knowing no-one, I’ve used the power of a Tribe to create my foothold here in Scotland.  We've gathered a community of amazing people together under the common purpose of business growth. I am delighted to say that people know who I am now, and more importantly, the conversations that I wanted to start are happening – business owners are coming together to talk, connect, do business and learn more about how to streamline their businesses.

A successful business is founded on connections. And one of the best places to deepen connections into relationships is within a community. In this Bootcamp I want to share with you how you can harness the power of building a Tribe to tangibly grow your business. 

'You don't build a business, you build people and then people build the business" 

Let Me Introduce You To The Connection Master!

Meet Helena Holrick! 

To help me do that, I want to introduce you to Helena Holrick. She is an extraordinary coach and mentor and we’ve been looking for a way to have her come up to Scotland to share her wisdom and experience with you.

Through her experience of opening 17 TGI Fridays (including Edinburgh and Glasgow!) and teaching video conferencing way ahead of all the technology we have at our fingertips now, she’s trained, coached and guided 1000s of individuals to shape, structure and systemise their businesses.

She is also one half of the founding team behind Speaker Insight. Having set up a thriving community that has grown into the 1000s quickly and easily over the last 15 months with engagement rates (65-75%!!!) that are practically unheard of, I’m thrilled that she's coming up to share her story of how she's done that, and to help you understand what you need to do to create and grow a similarly engaged Tribe.

Don't Miss This One-off Opportunity!

Helena is a skilled workshop leader who excels at bringing clarity, certainty and confidence to subjects that can at first feel overwhelming. One of the key things she is clear on is that you have to do what you do YOUR way. So she’ll be focused on making sure that you understand just how a Tribe will work for YOU. She always makes sure her students walk away with not only the knowledge they need to succeed, but with a clear plan of the next steps they need to apply immediately in their business.

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This Business Bootcamp is perfect for YOU if: 

  • You want to accelerate getting your products out to market
  • You have a message and want to build support and traction for it
  • You need to connect and understand what your ideal clients REALLY want
  • You want a place where you can share your ideas and inspire genuine conversations that benefit not just you, but the whole community 
  • You want an easy way to stay connected with people who like what you do, but are not quite ready to buy your products
  • You want to build a brand that is recognised and talked about
  • You want to be seen as an expert and 'go-to' person in your field

"I Don't Have Time To Build A Tribe!"

I can't count how many times I've heard this! 

Five years ago the notion of using Social Media in my business and building a ‘Tribe’ was completely alien to me. I had a few hundred contacts on LinkedIn randomly collected over a number of years and a website that was like a leaflet online. 

To be honest I was not at all keen on the word 'Tribe' (it sounded way too 'sales(y)' and false) and I certainly couldn't see why I needed to spend lots of time building a wider following than my active client base.

Sound familiar?

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a Tribe, call it a community. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, if you’re building a business you need one”

Once I finally got my head around the concept, it soon became clear that taking the time out to build a Tribe would actually save me time. 

Building a purposeful community that is focused on your bigger picture and your ideal client is the best investment of both your time and your energy.

The key to getting it right (and it’s very possible to just have a group that is frustratingly unengaged) is to do the work upfront on what purpose the Tribe serves and how it will benefit it's members.

If you’re struggling to attract your prospects and clients consistently, or you are always having the same conversations with people, these are signs it’s time to start a Tribe.

If you 'hate selling', if you dislike the idea of cold calling and you avoid asking for the 'sale', then a Tribe might be just the thing that allows you to build so much rapport that the sales start to make themselves.

Ultimately, your business will fail if you don’t have leads that convert into sales. A Tribe helps you do that because the conversion becomes a trusted conversation rather than a persuasion.


Tactical and Practical

Hi, I'm Karen - the Creator of Ideas Into Action Business Bootcamps.

I am not a theoretical Coach, but what I am is a highly pragmatic and practical Business Coach who has developed my own successful businesses over the last 36 years.  

My aim is to share with you the lessons that I have learned along the way. 

This Bootcamp is very dear to our hearts.

It’s the one we’ve been wanting to deliver for some while and I’m absolutely thrilled to be co-hosting it with the brilliant Tribe Building Expert (and my good friend) Helena Holrick.

I have loved building our Tribe here in Scotland.  It’s probably the best and most enjoyable thing we’ve done, both from a personal perspective as strangers in a new country, and also as business owners.  It’s allowed us to create our own support network of people who ‘get us’ and who wish us well (especially during challenging times) and it’s been pivotal in helping us to quickly raise our profile, get our message out and build our business.

Join us at our Business Bootcamp and Learn How To - Be You, Be There & Care And Grow Your Business Significantly


What Building A Tribe Really Means

Social media and the internet have given us paralleled opportunities for creating platforms where we can speak and listen directly to our customers and deepen our understanding of their needs.  "Once you have permission to talk to someone, finding new products or services for them is a smart way to grow."

But there are some essential things you need to know before you can build a profitable Tribe. We've seen lots of people attempt and fail to build an engaged Tribe, one that helps them to grow and earn more money. We'll teach you how to avoid making costly mistakes and make sure you only invest your time, energy and commitment into activities that we know work.

How to BE YOU and Lead Your Tribe

“You can’t have a Tribe without a leader—and you can’t be a leader without a Tribe.”

Every tribe comes together for a reason and you need to identify what yours is. To build a successful Tribe you need to show up as a leader around an idea that will unite your Tribe. You need to get clear about your core messages and you need to find your authentic voice to communicate with.

But... one of the main reasons a Tribe fails to unite is very simple. The person trying to lead is doing it solely for their own benefit!  At this Bootcamp we'll show you how to lead with purpose, and that purpose has to be beneficial for you AND your Tribe.  


How to really BE THERE for your Tribe

To create the engagement and growth you desire, you have to work out how to show up for your Tribe. What do they want from you? How can you serve them? How can you inspire them? And how do you make your chosen platform into a vibrant destination.  Somewhere people want to come and hang out with you and, just as importantly, with each other.

We know the answer is to create AWESOME, USEFUL, FREE content and to show up consistently.  The question is - how do you provide the kind of content that converts your Tribe into paying customers - without it draining all your time and without giving away all your expertise for FREE?  It's definitely a balancing act, and we're going to teach you how to do it at Bootcamp.


How to Show You CARE for Your Tribe

Creating the Tribe culture is the most important part of community building. It's easy to jump straight into building a Tribe without doing the fundamental work of establishing 'what is the community's purpose', 'what are the shared values' and 'what rules are needed to protect and unify it's members'? Believe me, it is much easier to get this right at the beginning of the process, rather than trying to change things once your Tribe is up and running.

At Bootcamp we will help you identify what needs to be at the heart of your groups, what rules help people feel safe and how to be “a close knit group of people that accept one another, support each other, and have each other’s backs when we are in times of need or weakness.” Steve Handle

"This was a series of lightbulb moments that totally shifted my view of the earning potential of my Business. Superb! "

Mary Fraser
Business Owner

"I have attended lots of Workshops on how to build a successful business but Karen's Workshop is definitely the best. Amazing value for money and I have left with so many ideas and tools that I can use immediately to grow my Business."

Marie Teevan
Business Owner

"Karen always over-delivers, constantly giving great examples, insights and 'golden nuggets'. Another knowledge packed, inspiring, energising Bootcamp! "

Rosaleen Gold
Business Owner

Isn't It Time You Built A Profitable Tribe?

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t“

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