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"Tactics come and tactics go, but Digital Marketing will always come down to two things: Traffic and Conversion"










 Okay - so, I was wrong! 

When I began my 'quest' to learn how to understand the intricacies of harnessing the power of social media to help me build my new business I had some very clear and strongly held beliefs about who I wasn't going to spend my time and money working with, or listening to - namely the people that talked to me about Sales and Marketing 'Machines'.

For me, the phrase 'Sales Machine' transported me straight back to my days working in sales in the 1980's and to those people who valued the 'sale' above all else. My experience back then left me with a very nasty taste in my mouth about sales people and many sales techniques, and the word 'machine' seemed synonymous with the sort of business I didn't want to have! 
Fast forward to 2018. With my new Business here in Scotland doing very well, it was time to step things up a notch. 
So, you can imagine the level of heart-sink that I felt at the moment when I turned to a trusted friend and colleague, a leading expert in his field of marketing, and he advised that: 
'the solution to the next phase of your growth is simple - we need to create your marketing machine'. 
Now here I am, more than six months on, having listened to and acted upon the advice I was given and begun to see the benefits of understanding exactly 'how we sell', and having created a 'marketing machine' to automate the initial marketing tiers of our process. 
Contrary to my previous beliefs it was not going to create a mammoth 'spam-fest'; it was not some sleazy 'sales(y)' process that would contradict my values and principles. Far from it! 
I see now that I was wrong and what he said made total sense - I mean total sense!

So, who did I go to?

Meet Matt Duggan! 

Matt Duggan is our ‘go to’ guy when it comes to Facebook Ads, lead generation, and online sales.

Matt developed his digital marketing skills to promote himself whilst working as a professional magician (yes, really). Once he disappeared from that world (in a puff of smoke?), he started freelancing for a couple of digital marketing agencies, where he honed his skills in promoting small to medium-sized businesses.

Matt now runs his own digital marketing agency and blog, helping business owners to use social media advertising to succeed online.

Among others, he has used his skills to help Jamie Smart to reach the top ten of The Sunday Times Bestseller List, to help Friction Free Shaving to go from 150 to 6,000+ paying subscribers in 5 months and to help Shaa Wasmund MBE make £250,000 in sales in just 4 days!

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Matt is laser focused at drilling down into what works. Not just what’s new, not what’s just fancy – but what works. He simply wants to help you make more money. Matt will be joining us at the March Bootcamp when he’ll share practical stuff that you can implement straight away without it driving you mad or stealing all your time.

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This Business Bootcamp is perfect for YOU if: 

  • You struggle with the whole notion of 'Selling'
  • You are reluctant to put out too many Posts for fear of seeming 'spammy'
  • You are terrified to ask the Client it they want to buy your product or service, fearing being seen as 'too sales(y)'
  • You currently have no reliable, systematic process for attracting regular leads
  • You need to focus on  converting leads into high paying clients who will give you repeat and referral business

"I Hate Selling!"

I've heard that statement a thousand times!

If you've got your own small business of any type (including freelance consultants, coaches or therapist) these days it's not enough for you to be great at what you do, you HAVE to be able to 'sell' it! Your success depends upon your ability to sell your ideas, your company and your products.

If you 'hate selling', you'll never really be good at it, and that means at the very least lost revenue and in the worst case, business failure.

Look around you and you will see that it's the entrepreneurs who really love selling who are the most successful. 

But the process is made up of two elements - first the marketing; then the conversion to Sale. So, what if you could create a system that marketed you and your services so well that people came to you asking to buy?

How much easier would that be? 

Tactical and Practical

Hi, I'm Karen - the Creator of Ideas Into Action Business Bootcamp.

I am not a theoretical Coach, but what I am is a pragmatic and practical Business Coach who has developed my own successful businesses over the last 36 years.  

My aim is to share with you the lessons that I have learned along the way. 

In this Bootcamp I want to walk you step by step through the development of our own 'Marketing Machine' - taking time to work with you to assimilate these steps into your own Business model.

Together in the Bootcamp we will enable you to create your own unique Marketing Machine and take the guess work out of your sales process; allowing you to really understand what works best for you and figure out how you can capitalise on this. 

Join Me at the Business Bootcamp and Create Your Own Unique Marketing Machine


Understanding the Marketing Machine

Creating a systematic process for attracting your ideal customers is vital for the on-going sustainability of your business.  Far from being an obtrusive, sleazy, sales(y) tool creating your own process can lead to you being able to build meaningful relationships and grow Know, Like and Trust more quickly.

Map Your Customer Touch-Points

Everything you do in your business that your Customers can see, hear or feel  is a Touch-point. Over time these Touch-points help to build your relationship with your customers - even when you are not face to face with them. But how deliberate are you about planning that journey? We will help you map it out.

Creating Your Marketing Machine

We will share with you the lessons we have learned from creating our first 'Machine'. From the ideal MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to the structure of the email sequences. Then we will guide you through using our templates to create your own Marketing Machine, tailored for your products and customers. 

Understanding the Tools & Technology

Behind the 'Machine' lies some technology that keeps it all running. As ever, this is often the bit that people dread the most. We will share with you the systems that we are using and give you an overview of how easy it can be to set up your first process, working hand in hand with some simple packages.

"This was a series of lightbulb moments that totally shifted my view of the earning potential of my Business. Superb! "

Mary Fraser
Business Owner

"I have attended lots of Workshops on how to build a successful business but Karen's Workshop is definitely the best. Amazing value for money and I have left with so many ideas and tools that I can use immediately to grow my Business."

Marie Teevan
Business Owner

"Karen always over-delivers, constantly giving great examples, insights and 'golden nuggets'. Another knowledge packed, inspiring, energising Bootcamp! "

Rosaleen Gold
Business Owner

Isn't It Time You Got Systematic?

Learn how to harness some simple systems and processes that will change the way you attract customers forever.

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