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"I found my way to Karen’s social media bootcamp after I won a Golden Ticket at a professional meeting for Counsellors. I have been thoroughly impressed by Karen’s approach. She knows her topic, she is creative, lively, interesting and innovative. I have been introduced to a whole load of new ideas and concepts and I feel really confident that I’m going to take my business to a new level this year. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen to you if you want to grow your business!"

Susan Bryson-Hedley

"Karen's bootcamps and Facebook groups are excellent. A great way to help you move your business in the right direction and meet like-minded people at the same time. Adding quarterly networking events was a great idea. Looking forward to all that 2018 will bring. If you get the chance to attend one of Karen's bootcamps or masterclasses, then do so. You won't regret it."

Linsay Maclean

"I met Karen at a networking event before she started up her bootcamps. What struck me was Karens enthusiasm to share her wealth of knowledge and experience to help small businesses. I have now been on 2 boot camps (social media strategy & 7 Things you need to know to build a successful business) and I would highly recommend them both. The content in both bootcamps is fantastic and it made me realise what action I needed to take and helped me achieve and overcome some challenges I faced, one example being Facebook lives. Thank you Karen and Kate for your support, commitment in helping us all achieve our dreams. X"

Jackie Cormack Philips

"I have attended Karen`s Bootcamp and Social Media days. Karen is engaging, passionate and extremely knowledgable in her field. She openly shares her skills, expertise and ideas and is always available to answer questions on her fb page. Business is in her DNA and would highly recommend attending on of Karen`s courses. Anne"

Anne Cross

"Met Karen early 2017 with her clicker at my EEC event and loved her enthusiasim to help and encourage others and her wealth of knowledge is immense. Ideas Into Action Business Bootcamp was the tonic I needed to get me on track and show me how to move my new business venture forward and with the 90 day takeaway plan to work on was fantastic making it much clearer what steps I needed to take. Definitely want to attend the next Social Media Bootcamp heard amazing things through the group where we had the opportunity to practice our Facebook Lives which is a must these days. Big thanks to Karen & Kate for all their support and materials supplied and can't wait to join the New Business Club where you get Karen as your personal business coach at £1 a day it's a bargain you can't miss!"

Fiona Colbron-Brown

"Karen is an inspiration. Having attended workshops and networking events hosted by Karen I can honestly say that she has given me clarity. Clarity on my business ideas, and clarity on how to move forward with my business. The practical person centred approach enables Karen to connect with you and understand your individual business. Looking forward to working with Karen and Kate in 2018."

Mhairi Barrett

"I met Karen at a Networking, attended two bootcamps a Facebook event and worked on a 1-1 basis with Karen for a session. Karen set up a 21 day challenge on Fb where more than 20 of us got up close and Personal so appreciate the effort that was put into this challenge. Ending 2017 very focused partly due to this group and really looking forward to 2018."

Audrey Paterson

"I have been coached by Karen for the last 9 months and she is absolutely a 5 star coach! Karen knows her subject inside out and is unfailingly patient and kind but also firm and not afraid to tell you exactly what you need to hear to move your business forward. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to go from having an idea to having a successful business and also how to make changes to an existing successful business. Karen's expertise and experience with both small and large organisations is second to none and she also knows how to make the less interesting aspects of building a business fun so that you will get on and do them and not put them on the 'I'll get round to it one day pile!""

Sally Reeve

"I attended my second bootcamp this week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I met up with several other people who I had connected with on Karen’s 21 day video Live challenge, it was great to walk into a room and feel as though you already knew people. The course was fun and motivating! I started working on my 90 day plan on the train home. Karen puts everything into her work and clearly loves what she does. Thanks Karen and Kate!"

Fiona Pediani

"Having attended a range of training, personal development and business building courses and workshops, I can say that Karen's is right up there with the best of them. Her experience speak for itself and she has genuine and likeable way of communicating real usable info, models and tools to help develop your business and gain clarity over what action is needed. Her ongoing support via her FB groups is also really useful and provides an excellent community of supportive like minded others."

Ali Temple

"I have attended a few of Karen's Bootcamp's and found them wonderfully insightful, supportive and amazing value for money!! I highly recommend her courses if you are feeling stuck in your business or would like to get a new business idea off the ground!!"

Nikki Turner

"Karen has an approach in inspiring, motivating and teaching that is unique. I went to the Business BootCamp and Social Media Strategy and throughly enjoy both. Totally recommend."

Lindsay MacGregor-Inglis

""This was a series of light-bulb moments that totally shifted my view of the earning potential of my business. Superb!""

Mary Fraser
How To Get More Paying Customers Masterclass

""Karen has delivered a high quality Masterclass with amazing content that has helped to give me clarity and a step-by-step Checklist to apply in my business. Feeling more confident and inspired to progress in the direction I want to grow""

Nikki Turner
How To Get More Paying Customers Masterclass

""How To Get MORE Paying Customers is a fantastic course. I arrived with a head full of half formulated ideas and left with clarity and a Plan - confident that I now have the tools to move my business forward. Yay!""

June Guthrie
How To Get More Paying Customers Masterclass

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