'Your Proven Formula For Setting Profitable Prices'

  • Do you struggle to set profitable prices for your products and services?

  • Do you hate the thought of coming over all 'sales(y)'?

  • Do you feel that charging realistic prices will lose you customers?


So did I, but once I learnt how to use this brilliant Product Pricing Formula, I started to see amazing growth in my business.

I want to share with you one of the simplest yet most powerful tools that will allow you to finally start charging what you are worth AND will have you talking so clearly about your offerings that your ideal Clients will be happy to pay! 

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"People pay attention when they pay: 

and the more they pay, 

the more attention they pay!"

Your product price should not be based on the amount of time that you spend with your Client, or how physically 'big' the product (programme etc.) is.  These are factors, but the true price should be based on the genuine 'Value' that you provide for the Client; the magnitude of the problem that you will be solving for them; the return on investment they will gain from doing business with you; and the overall impact that your Support will have on them (or their business) going forward. 

From today onwards you will be able to describe clearly the level of Value and Support that you are offering with every one of your Products and Services and start to charge what you are truly worth! 

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